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Honey Milk Software is a new indie game studio run exclusively by James Farmer, an OK programmer who just wants to make neat lil video games. The focus of this studio is to create video game experiences that are engaging, genuine, and affordable. Art over profit.

Nano Pets is a tamagotchi-like virtual pet game set in a bleak and punishing late-capitalist society. This project is early in development, but you can check out the devlog on the itch.io page below.

the art house VR is an new virtual art space aimed at curating and supporting independent online artists.

This project is early in development, and is being partially supported by Oculus Launch Pad*. More info coming soon!

Store 2

Store 2 VR was the first game created by Honey Milk Software, made for the Store 2 art exhibit hosted by BabyCastles in New York, NY. Announcement Here.

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